I had them clean my carpets last week.  They were very professional and did an excellent job.  I highly recommend this company!


You are the best! Too kind!  I hope all the work you did on transforming our house from FUBAR to brand new looking will help on getting new and better jobs in the future.  I will put a review on your Facebook page, feel free to use me as a testimonial on your website too.  You always helped me feel better through tough times, explaining how it would all play out.  You and your team are very skilled and your carpenters do some especially meticulous work.  Your team did a great job!  Give your self a big pat on the back! Great job!


Just had my carpets cleaned by Dynamic Restoration Solutions.  They did an outstanding job!  They were very friendly, and my carpets haven't looked this good since they were originally installed.  And they were reasonably priced and they left me a bottle of spot remover.  I highly recommend them.  Call 618.713.0615.


The Owner is remarkably knowledgeable in his area of expertise.  Amazing quality care and effort is put into every job whether big or small. They are what it means to be professional and courteous with every job.  Highly Recommend them to anyone who needs anything cleaned or restored!!


They worked so hard to get my house dry after it flooded.  The water was all over the house and a large part of the house had to be completely gutted.  They dealt with the flood, completed the entire remodel, and they even found some other issues during the project that they handled with ease.  They did a great job for me and I would highly recommend them if you have an emergency or need construction work done at your house!


In the beginning, I had them do some small jobs for me.  They did outstanding work!  And now I use them for all of my cleaning, restoration, and construction work.  

Their ability to clean carpets and handle severe odor issues is amazing!  I had other companies try to get rid of the smell of cat urine  inside my house and no one could get rid of it. When I met the owners at Dynamic Restoration Solutions, I thought they sounded knowledgeable so I'd give it one more try.  And now the cat urine smell is gone! I didn't have to replace any flooring or sheet rock either!
Thanks DRS!


DRS just cleaned my carpets and they look brand new!  They even got out all of the pet stains on the carpet and they moved my furniture!! Nobody will move your furniture anymore!!  Their prices are great.  The service is excellent.  I couldn't be happier!


Thanks Dynamic Restoration Solutions for helping me finally sell my house!  It had been a really tough real estate market for my house.  I finally had a family interested but when the house inspector came, he found mold.  We called DRS right away.  They were able to make us a priority on their schedule and they completely got rid of the mold!  We were able to give the potential buyers the guarantee from DRS so that they had confidence that the mold was totally gone!  Best part is we sold the house!!