Dynamic Restoration Solutions is a “One-Stop-Shop” for all of our customer’s needs. We remediate, restore, and renovate your property—working as your general contractor to solve all of your construction needs all along the way.

Regardless of whether your construction need relates to a restoration job or a new construction project, our team is here for you. Dynamic Restoration Solutions can handle a simple remodel to complex commercial construction. Our team has built everything from single family homes to multi-family housing to hospitals all while managing $92 million worth of projects simultaneously.

We pride ourselves on communication and our unique ability to solve problems in a cost effective and creative way. Our team will even clean for you as they go!

So whether you need new construction or a new roof installed by licensed roofers; a bathroom or kitchen remodel to new hardwood floors, Dynamic Restoration Solutions wants to make your dreams come true.​
By having your carpets cleaned by a professional company using the latest in tools and technology, you can provide your family with a healthier, cleaner home!

Your carpet is like a giant filter, and just like a vacuum cleaner’s bag, when it’s “full” it doesn’t work very well. Carpets help to trap airborne soils. Our company DYNAMIC RESTORATION SOLUTIONS specializes in restoring your carpet to its healthiest and cleanest! We don’t just give your carpet the “once over,” we take the time to really DEEP CLEAN your carpet. Accidents happen... Let us help you keep your home healthy and odor free.

If you have a dog or a cat, you know that “accidents” happen, especially in the case of either very young or very mature pets. Sometimes they don’t always do “the right thing.” Thankfully, we have the tools and methods to help.

We offer complete Pet Odor Removal services that are backed by our Unconditional Guarantee: “If the odor comes back, so do we!” Now you can rest assured that “problem” areas will no longer be an embarrassment.


Fire Damage

Damage caused by a fire at your home or business can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. At every fire, home owners fear the loss of or damage to their most sentimental belongings; and business owners are desperate to get back to business as soon as possible to avoid significant financial loss and market share erosion.

Water Damage

At Dynamic Restoration Solutions, we understand that water damage and/or sewage cleanup requires immediate attention. Whether the water damage is caused by a flood, severe weather, improperly sealed or installed windows, leaking pipes, a leaking roof, improper drainage, or any other cause, our team understands that once the damage has occurred, it is imperative that repairs and restoration begins as soon as possible to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Storm Damage

Damage to your home or business can interrupt the flow of your entire life. It can displace families and cost business owners thousands of dollars during the downtime caused by damage. Dynamic Restoration Solutions will efficiently and properly deal with your unique situation to help you minimize the financial impact of the damage sustained to your property.



Dynamic Restoration Solutions in Carbondale


The presence of mold in your home may pose significant health risks to you and your family, which is why it is of paramount importance to seek professional help for mold clean up or remediation as soon as possible. 

Excessive humidity, any evidence of previous moisture problems, strong, musty odors, damp areas of your home or property, and water damage can lead to the formation of mold. Be alert for mold afer any water damage repair.

Mold Remediation is a major problem for home and business owners because mold spores branch out below the surface of wood and spread. Most companies clean the mold, scrap it, HEPA Vac it, and then kill it with a chemical on the surface sight of the damage. In 7 out of 10 jobs, the property owner has no further problems, but if that area is exposed to air, heat, or moisture, mold can grow and rear its ugly head time and time again.

At Dynamic Restoration Solutions in Carbondale, we feel like 7 out of 10 jobs is not good enough! Even when mold is killed it can still pose multiple problems, which is why at Dynamic Restoration Solutions, we go beyond the standard remediation techniques. By going one step further, we can eliminate mold