Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC provides remodeling as a part of our restoration services.  When customers have damage to their home or business due to a flood, fire, or storm, Dynamic Restoration Solutions is the company to choose for experience, quality, and exceptional customer service.  

In a flood for example, we don't simply tear out wet materials and get the property dry.  Our knowledge of the science of the industry gives us multiple options to address your claim.  We may not have to tear your house apart just to get it dry, which gets your life back to normal much faster!  Once the drying process is complete, we don't leave you with exposed 2 x 4s, subfloors, or missing sheet rock.  Our team covers it all!

We will address the water loss on your property.  Remediate the issues associated with your loss, and then, we will build it back for you.  

Our customers find multiple benefits to this process.  There is no waiting on construction, and you, your insurance agent and adjuster are working with only one company seamlessly throughout the entire project.  

That said, we are all about making our customers happy.  If you prefer that we provide only restoration services to your property, then we will happily do the remediation for you and thank you for the opportunity to work for you.  

We also do remodeling work that is unrelated to restoration throughout the Southern Illinois region.  We have great relationships with other area contractors and quality sub-contractors.  In fact, we work with other contractors all the time when they get into a remodeling project on a property that has mold, for example.  Mold is very dangerous and hazardous to the health of anyone exposed to it.  Contractors who are not trained should stop work immediately and call Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC.  We promptly address that mold issue and remediate it.  We are able to determine all affected areas.  Mold removal must be addressed properly according to industry standards.  And we are so confident in our ability to effectively deal with your mold problem that we guarantee our work.  

Long story short, we will work with contractors on remodeling projects even if we aren't doing your construction.

Whether we are working on your remodeling project due to water damage, fire damage, soot and smoke damage, storm damage, wind damage, hail damage or any other disaster or you're finally ready to update your bathroom, kitchen, patio, business, etc., Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC will take great care of your property.

We have over 40 years combined experience in both commercial and residential construction.  No project is too big or too small.  And when you hire Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC you can rest assured that we will treat your property like it's our own.  Our crews clean up as they go so that you are not left with any mess.

We feel like it's the little things, the little details that we provide that will take your experience with us to the next level.

So next time you are thinking about making updates around your home or business, give Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC a call!  We will provide you with a free estimate and any other information you need to make your vision become a reality.