At Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC, we approach the restoration business differently than "the other guys."  One of our key differences is that we offer reconstruction solutions for our customers.  

We don't just dry your property when you have wet conditions.  We don't simply tear out moldy spots or bleach it; we don't just treat your soot damage and dispose of charred materials.  We have advanced skills, equipment and experience to provide reconstruction solutions for your property/structure.  And as anyone who has remodeled a property knows, it is far easier to build new compared to the work required in a reconstruction project.  

The team at Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC has experience with jobs that range in size from small single family homes to multi-million dollar commercial properties.  And we will have great options for all of your reconstruction needs.  

In addition, if your loss is filed as a claim on your property insurance, our ability to provide both restoration and reconstruction solutions means that our customers, the insurance agents, and adjusters only have to deal with one entity to take your claim from the initial loss through to the completion of your job.  

The streamlined process Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC provides helps our customers get their life back to normal fast.

Benefits Include:

  • Immediate Emergency Response
  • Experience with large losses and small claims
  • Work doesn't stop when the restoration component is complete
  • No waiting for a contractor 
  • One-Stop-Shop means one company seamlessly works with your insurance adjuster and agent means less paperwork for the customer
  • Get your life and property back to normal fast

By making only one phone call, our clients access our team of professionals who work for them, as if they are family, from the beginning of their project to completion of the job.  We remediate, restore, and renovate your property--working as your general contractor to solve all of your construction needs all along the way.

Regardless of whether your construction need relates to a restoration job or a new construction project, our team is here for you.  With over 40 years combined experience, Dynamic Restoration Solutions can handle a simple remodel to complex commercial construction.  Our team has built everything from single family homes to multi-family housing to hospitals all while managing $92 million worth of projects simultaneously.  

We pride ourselves on communication and our unique ability to solve problems in a cost effective and creative way.  Our team will even clean for you as they go! So whether you need new construction or a bath remodel; a kitchen update or new hardwood floors, Dynamic Restoration Solutions has what it takes to get your job done right!