The presence of mold in your home may pose significant health risks to you and your family, which is why it is of paramount importance to seek professional help for mold remediation as soon as possible. Let Dynamic Restoration Solutions mold cleanup team help you get your job completed and keep mold remediation cost to a minimum.

These can lead to the formation of mold: 
  • Excessive humidity
  • Any evidence of previous moisture problems
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Damp areas of your home or property
  • Water Damage

Dynamic Restoration Solutions Mold Cleanup

Mold is essentially micro-organisms that disperse into the air and are inhaled by the inhabitants of the property. Some varieties of mold, including Stachybotrys, commonly called “black mold” have been linked to serious health issues.

Prompt attention to water damage is of the utmost importance. Water damage can be extensive due to its ability to run and seep into walls, floors, insulation, and furniture, which leads to rot and decay if left untreated.

Mold Remediation is a major problem for home and business owners because mold spores branch out below the surface of wood and spread. Most companies clean the mold, scrap it, HEPA Vac it, and then kill it with a chemical on the surface sight of the damage. In 7 out of 10 jobs, the property owner has no further problems, but if that area is exposed to air, heat, or moisture, mold can grow and rear its ugly head time and time again.

At Dynamic Restoration Solutions, we feel like 7 out of 10 jobs is not good enough! Even when mold is killed it can still pose multiple problems, which is why at Dynamic Restoration Solutions, we go beyond the standard remediation techniques. By going one step further, we can eliminate mold completely!