In today's home decor, hard surface flooring is playing an increasingly important role.  Examples of popular flooring materials include stone, concrete, ceramic/clay, wood, resilient and specialty flooring.  These materials appear to be easy to clean, maintain and restore, however, soils on hard surface flooring have a tendency to build up progressively, resulting in erosion.  Sooner or later, it's necessary to clean beyond routine dusting and damp mopping; that's the time to call in the professionals at Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC for help.

Our technicians have the specialized training and experience it takes to select the proper cleaning chemicals, equipment, tools and materials in conjunction with the proper methods for maintaining or restoring hard surface flooring to its original beauty.  And they can offer advice on how to clean and maintain the appearance of hard surface flooring to maximize your investment and extend the life of your floor.

There are six categories of hard surface floor covering: natural stone, concrete, ceramic/clay, wood, resilient and specialty.  Within these categories are numerous classifications that require different cleaning methodologies.  When we know what the flooring material is, a proper floor maintenance program can be developed.  

The number one enemy of flooring materials is soil because of the damage caused by eroding the surface of the floor, keeping it out is paramount to a successful program.  Studies indicate that five feet of walk off mat will reduce 33 percent of the soil entering a building, and 25 feet of walk off mat will reduce almost all of the soil entering a building.

Particularly in commercial properties slip and falls are a significant challenge with hard surface maintenance.  Spills should be removed as soon as they occur. When a spill occurs, isolate the area with wet floor signs, placards, cones or tape, remove the spill with appropriate cleaning solution, wet mop, bucket and wringer and dry the floor completely with floor fan before leaving the area.

Reducing or eliminating the soil that gets past the walk off mats on a daily or routine basis is the best way to reduce the damaging effects caused by erosion to the floor surface.  This is accomplished with the dry service procedures like sweeping, dust mopping or microfiber cloth systems and vacuuming followed by wet service procedures such as spot, damp, and wet mopping using the appropriate cleaning solutions in conjunction with mop buckets and wringers, microfiber cloth systems or automatic scrubbing machines in large open areas.  

The professional floor maintenance technicians at Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC are the best choice for the periodic and restorative maintenance of hard surface flooring.  Because of the number of categories and classifications of hard surface flooring available, mistakes can be made.  Our floor maintenance technicians know how to identify and provide the proper floor maintenance solutions.  

Call the professionals at Dynamic Restoration Solutions LLC today for a free estimate and inspection of your hard surface flooring materials.‚Äč



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